Group Picnics


Picnic lunch Celebration Packages
Our Picnic packages are the Perfect way to celebrate any occasion!  Whether it’s hen’s lunch,  Birthday, pre or post wedding lunch  we will take you on a gourmet adventure and create a n ambience which is relaxed, and elegant . All our package are tailored to suit your induvial needs so your special occasion is unique and everything you imagined.


- Styling and briefing Consultation
- personalized and unique setting
-Delivery & collection
- Set up &  Pack up
- Picnic Pallet tables
- Rugs
- Cushions
- Hurricane lanterns
- Vases
- Votive holders
Food Table
Serving Platters

Drink Station
Crystal Drink Dispensers
Milk bottles
gourmet sandwiches
Fruit & Dessert  Platters
Cheese Platters
Pink lemonade
Fruit Water

If you would like more information or would like to organise a bespoke Picnic simply fill our online  Picnic form  or give us a call on 0417807773 


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